A Brief Background on our Company.

DASHMER COMPANY For Construction, Agriculture General Trade Import and Export/Ltd.


DASHMER COMPANY is a significant company established in 2023 number 33521, full of activities such as For Construction, Agriculture, General Trade Import and Export/Ltd. Based on Provisions of the Companies Law number 21 for the year of 1997, registered in the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce under No. 20572.


Importing the good qualities of substances, according to the, international specifications and execution the contract due to the engineering specifications.

Dashmer Construction & Agricultural Trading Co. Ltd. takes pride in offering a diverse range of top-quality products and comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the construction and agricultural sectors.


Do the right thing and your business will prosper. This philosophy – one that always puts the customer first – is the foundation on which DASHMER COMPANY Services has been built.


With DASHMER COMPANY, it’s about more than what we do. It’s also about how we do it. We treat our customers with honesty and integrity, while constantly staying focused on results, value and efficiency. It’s customer first. And that’s our bottom line.


DASHMER COMPANY tries to be a supplier of all multinational Construction, Agriculture, General Trade Import and Export.


We aim to create a wide range of operations area for our customers by delivering quality products and services on a perfectly and timely basis.

Execution the engineer constructions of buildings, Road, Sewage system, water network and supplying material and equipment.

The DASHMER COMPANY keeps the frontline to be environmentally sensitive at all stages of production. Our goal is that our products are made from recyclable materials, their use is environmentally friendly, and they do not harm the environment in any circumstances.
In this regard, we are moving in a holistic sensibility from our management to our field team. As DASHMER COMPANY, we make all our progress based on our environmental sensitivity and environmental values.